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 Offshore Crawler Cranes

Crawler, mobile lattice and telescopic crawler cranes, mobile port handling cranes and floating (marine) cranes

  • Sennebogen 7700
  • Sennebogen 6113
  • Sennebogen 6300 HD

-Cooperation Amasus Offshore

-Cooperation Scaldis Marine Contractors

-Cooperation Boskalis Offshore

-Cooperation Van Oord

Offshore crawler cranes.

– New machines 2014-2016.

– Offshore service 24/7

– Knock for Knock insurance

– Offshore loadcharts and LMI

– Spare part container

– Fly jib

– Risk analysis / method statement

– Liftplans and consult

– Proven track record Offshore Crawler cranes

– Stage 3 cranedrivers


Acceptance by Warranty Surveyor

Reducing downtime to a minimum