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Originally, the company started in 1956 with excavating and earth moving works in the Netherlands. In 1966 the company substantialy increased in size due to significant contracts in relation with the construction of gas pipelines in the Netherlands.

In 1976, due to the first oil crisis the company focussed on the offshore industry. The first floating crane of Zwagerman also dates from that time.

Because of the blockade of the Suez Canal in Egypt, Zwagerman entered the middle eastern market, which included the contract for two crane barges.

 Petrojet 11                                                    Petrojet 12                                                                                     

Zwagerman International BV is established in 1985 by Mr. J. Zwagerman. 

In 1986 SPACELIFT® BV was founded with the aim to develop unique machines for demanding works. Various machines were built with several new technologies and inventions, which received worldwide patents.

In 1990 the company expanded with the conversion of jack-up liftplatforms for the contruction of ports and bridges. These experiences have led to the development of a new kind of jack-up system . The  JZX system:  A jack-up system which can be transported both horizontally and vertically.

Since the late 90ties various special cranes and machines were build for vertical en horizontal transport. 

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