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With an extensive experience of more than 50 years, Zwagerman International provides equipment and management for the offshore industry, ports and construction companies. The company offers a wide range of cranes, such as lattice and telescopic crawler cranes, mobile port handling cranes and floating (marine) cranes.

The specialty of the organisation is the development of unique machines for demanding works. Most of these machines have received worldwide patents. Furthermore waterrelated activities combined with vertical transport have formed the basis of the present company.

Zwagerman works in the range of 100 to 300 ton cranes, used in onshore and offshore projects.

Zwagerman has also successfully participated in the building of several crane-barges, pipelines and the salvage and clearing of shipwrecks. Today, many Spacelift cranes of the company are rented or sold to different contractors, for example, in offshore projects, maintenance and service work for oil platforms. In the history of the organisation, more than 3000 special cranes have been used worldwide.